Bedroomcore Vol.1 loosely ties together 18 tracks from a variety of artists from more than a few musical genres: some chill, some ambient, some rock, some shoegaze. Does this collection decisively define the tag “bedroomcore”? Maybe, and that’s probably up to the listener to decide. But it does most definitely offer up a generous collection of cuts to keep your bedroom tape deck humming till late into the night.

The Details

Edition of 25 on orange cassette with heavyweight cardstock j-cards.

Includes unlimited streaming of Bedroomcore Vol. 1 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Dear Tracks - Moment Of Clarity 03:42

Californian Sleepovers - Ice Nine 04:15

handsome eric - bird hell is real believe me 03:05

Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Out Of 03:17

Stupid Bummed - You Should Know 02:48

Kevin Greenspon - Machine Shop 02:58

Yuppie Teeth - Bonetricker 02:16

Pearl Diver - Glass LSD 03:14

Sob Story - Aspartame 04:12

dandelion hands - What's The Earliest Bill Murray Has Ever Gotten Drunk? (Feat. Fishermen Narcs) 04:20

Charles Rogers - Of Blooming 04:22

The Normal Years - Fumbling For The Keys 01:37

Apollo Vermouth - Pool Of White Light 04:35

Moral Guest - Fade Away 03:18

Soft Youth - Coming Over 03:29

Stars Are Insane - Rain Check 01:55

Similarity - Davenport Days 04:02

dandelion hands - Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart 02:55

The Bedroomcore project was initially started because I stumbled upon the tag while wading through the swampy wasteland known as Bandcamp explore. I had been familiar with the tag as I had used it to describe small time ambient acts when I was younger. The first artist I found under this tag was Pearl Diver, a local artist from Detroit making hazed out snippets of looped samples and pretty bass guitar. I thought it would be easy from there on to find other artists that fit the tag "bedroomcore" and still represent what we were trying to do as a label. This kind of thing is never easy though; many emails and months later we finish up the project with 17 different artists from all walks of tape culture and DIY culture. Some of our favorite label-heads are represented here, Kevin Greenspon from Bridgetown Records, Stars Are Insane from Rok Lok Records, and Stupid Bummed from Hair Growth Records. They all were very nice and welcoming to a newer label like Hacktivism.

We also were able to work with some newcomers who are destined for greatness; Dear Tracks, Californian Sleepovers, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Soft Youth, Moral Guest and Similarity offer up great slices of Dream-Pop and Shoegaze while there are some more melodic indie rock moments with The Normal Years and Charles Rogers. Bedroom pop artists dandelion hands and handsome eric provide original cuts and Kevin Greenspon and Apollo Vermouth submitted two classic ambient pop songs.

Overall, Bedroomcore Vol. 1 stands as a representation of what Hacktivism is trying to do as a label and we are so lucky to have worked with all of these great artists on this compilation.

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