It’s always a cherry on top of the day when I can write about a dub techno release. This genre can give you both meditative and club-like characteristics with its driving bass pulse, brusque drum machines and thick dub chords. It’s commonly agreed that German duo Basic Channel gave life to this style of music over twenty years ago. In the last five years or so, dub techno has been beginning to pick up with net labels like Cold Tear Records, DeepInDub, Entropy Records and more expanding their catalogs rapidly. This release right here isΒ Art Zero‘s very first release so this is both historic for them and another gateway that dub techno artists can jump in to so the world may better know of them. Three rather notable names in the dub techno world Ohrwert, Oliver Deutschmann and Marco Supernak contributed to this. Another cool thing is each label cover is hand painted so they’re all unique! If you go through to buy this, the site is in German – just a heads up. Check out all the songs via the YouTube videos below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details


A1: Ohrwert – Rundfunk
A2: Ohrwert – Shadow Fading
B1: Marco Supernak – Knowlegde Reduction
B2: Oliver Deutschmann – Sorrow

facts //

unique copies – handpainted labelcover
clear vinyl , 33 min-1
blanked clear cover
Salz Mastering cologne
pressing: MPO france

Price $10.67

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