Famed trip-hop/downtempo duo Thievery Corporation and ambient techno artist Tycho, aka ISO50, have teamed up on a split 12″ release and have remixed each other’s songs. Both tracks featured aren’t new by any means, (both actually were released in the same year – 2011) but the remixes featured along with them offer refreshing takes on each of the songs. Tycho takes Thievery’s “Fragments” off of Culture of Fear and completely makes it his own adding his glittery synthesized magic and boosted bass to the patchwork. Thievery remixed one of Tycho’s rather somber track “Ascension” off of Dive and added their trip-hop flavor to sort of energize the song. There’s no linkable full stream available, but if you do click the Buy Now link at the bottom there is one on the Ghostly site. I wouldn’t waste time getting this release either, as both of these artists are in rather high demand right now so expect this to sell out relatively soon. There’s 100 being offered through the Ghostly site, and there’s 200 being offered through Scott Hansen’s (Tycho) ISO50 site. Cheers!


The Details

Limited Edition Vinyl Details:
Limited edition of 300 units (100 at The Ghostly Store and 200 at the ISO50 store)
Standard weight vinyl
2-panel original art jacket created by Scott Hansen
Inserted into a clear, resealable sleeve for protection
All orders of the vinyl come with instant download of the entire release.

Tycho and Thievery Corporation have been fans of each other's material for a while now. It makes sense that the two would come together for a split co-release on Ghostly International and Thievery's own ESL Music label. Side A sees Tycho take Thievery's "Fragments," originally released on 2011's Culture of Fear, on a synth swirl ride with shades of guitar riffs that create a candy cane-like visual experience. Meanwhile, Rob Garza of Thievery fame grabs the mellow "Ascension," taken from 2012's Dive, and makes a slightly dark dance track with hand claps. Hearing both remixed and original tracks side by side makes it obvious that both artists come from the same lineage of music making.

Price $12

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