RIYL: Jamie XX, LCD Soundsystem,

Label: Young Turks

When the XX first burst onto the scene I lost my collective mind. I remember having a conversation at a party where I estimated that I had heard the album over 100 times in the last two weeks. And the context of the conversation was detailing how that wasn’t hyperbole. I bought everything I could get my hands on, and I even traveled to see them play live on their first US tour. VCR is still one of my absolute favorite songs by anyone.

I bought the second album, but I was less enthused with the music overall. I still liked it, but it didn’t grab me the way the first album did.

Well boy was I excited to hear On Hold from the new album. That’s when I knew it was safe for me to fall back in love with the XX again.

If you’re like me you have a whole bunch of The XX 45s, so that made picking this one up a no brainer. It’s limited to 3000 copies and it has such a beautiful song pressed into the wax.

The Details

I SEE YOU, THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED THIRD LP FROM LONDON INDIE-POP darlings The xx, is slated to drop in mid January, and here is the lead single, "On Hold." It's the first from the gang since 2012, and it's really good. Jamie xx lays down a chill, dance-y foundation with tasteful drums/bass, gentle synths, and wait for this… a HALL & OATES sample ("I Can" Go For That"), with Romy and Oliver going back and forth and painting a bittersweet picture of a relationship in limbo (just like being "On Hold" on a phone). The song sets the bar high for I See You (as did Jamie xx's solo effort In Colour), and this is limited-edition 7" (3,000 copies only), with etching on the b-side, is pretty necessary if you're a fan. Packaging also includes mire board w/ debossed x and track title.

music label: Young Turks 2016

Price $9.95

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