RIYL: Jamie XX

Label: Young Turks

The XX’s impact on popular music was nothing short of seismic.  Their minimal take on electronic indie rock is now immediately recognizable, and their imitators are vast and numerous.  Their 2009 self-titled debut is about as essential for your vinyl collection as anything released in that decade.  Just my opinion, but it’s true.  I See You, their third full-length, is set to be released in January.  Expect some lush synth leads and a bit more of a dance vibe than their previous releases, but those instantly recognizable dueling female and male tradeoff vocals will remain firmly in tact.  Is that a Hall & Oates sample on their newest single On Hold?  Whoa nilly.

No known quantity has been revealed yet for the amount of box sets pressed, but I’d wager there’s at least 1500.
Expect a few of these to pop up at your local record stores and favorite online distros, but if you just have to preorder it right f-ing now…smash that ‘buy’ link.  $44.99 is no joke, but don’t underestimate The XX’s fanbase. These won’t be around forever.

There is also an ‘Indie Exclusive‘ variant on clear vinyl that you can grab from these retailers:
Turntable Lab (HERE)
Bullmoose (HERE)
Rough Trade (HERE)
Norman Records (HERE)
Bleep (HERE)
Piccadilly Records (HERE)

The Details

Deluxe boxset – silver mirriboard debossed box containing the album on 180g heavy weight vinyl, with an extra 12” including 3 bonus tracks, CD, enhanced CD featuring a live video of bonus track ‘Brave For You (Marfa Demo)’, and 3 exclusive prints

Extra tracks
1. Naive
2. Seasons Run
3. Brave For You (Marfa Demo)

Price $21

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