Rafael Anton Irisarri, aka The Sight Below, was an unfortunate victim of theft last year. This single was only recently made available to the public outside of his Indiegogo campaign. What you’re seeing here is the remnants. This is the most expensive thing I’ve written about, I believe, coming at $200 but all the proceeds go towards him buying replacement equipment. This single was shelved but what comes with it is rather impressive. All of the remixes that accompany the original version are rather high profile – Biosphere (whose remix is the only one available, digitally, as far as I know), Yagya, bvdub, Loscil, and Markus Guentner all tried their hand so you could say the price is even more justified in that sense. On top of that, all of these are hand-signed by him. Irisarri has made clear on his Bandcamp that these will not become available digitally, so this one is definitely for the true heads. Listen to Biosphere’s remix below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

This was the last The Sight Below track produced at the former Black Knoll Studio in Seattle and is previously unreleased. It includes exclusive remixes by BIOSPHERE, BVDUB, MARKUS GUENTNER, LOSCIL, AND YAGYA. Strictly limited to 40 copies pressed on vinyl, packed in Ghostly jackets hand-stamped and signed by the artist.

This will not be made available digitally as they are the remaining copies from an Indiegogo campaign to help The Sight Below recover from theft last year.

Price $200

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