Craig Tattersall’s second LP on Other Ideas as The Humble Bee will not disappoint. With the aid of a software meant to replicate an electro-acoustic set-up from the 1950s, Tattersall crafts a warm and ominous brand of ambience – combining elements of field recordings, musique concrète and live instrumentation. She Possessed The Secret For Listening To The Stars comes off as a name for a forgotten shoegaze album or the name for a post-rock band with its dreamy allure, but without tapping in to either category Tattersall allows for a world where woolgathering is the MO.  She Possessed… is a one of the most minimal records I’ve heard in a while, but its impact is anything but. It’s, as A Number of Small Things calls it, melancholy but it’s equally blissful as well. This feels like it could soundtrack the aftermath of a grisly battle or any late night existential ruminations. Check out She Possessed… below via the Boomkat stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!


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Craig Tattersall (The Boats/Cotton Goods) rustles up a second LP of cracked midnight ambience and spectral electro-acoustic details as The Humble Bee for Other Ideas. For the first time on 'She Possessed The Secret For Listening To The Stars', Tattersall augments his usual palette of tape loops and electronics with the addition of analogue synthesiser and Girogio Sancristoforo's Berna studio software - a software simulation of a late 1950s electro acoustic music studio complete with oscillators, tape recorders and matrix mixer - to add soft flesh to the skeletal bones of his wizened, wistful sketches. For anyone familiar with Craig's work, it's as though he's just figured out the focus button on his ear's lens, rending a tangibly deeper field of view where we can pick out globular bass shapes, plonging blips and ricocheting percussion swirling behind the patina of fuzz and frayed melodies. At times it even borders on minimal techno, but worry not, responsible listeners, it's a cup of horlicks compared with the relative double espresso of former Hood band-mate Andrew Johnson's A New Line (Related) project. Simply, Craig's melancholy 2D world has just found a whole new dimension, and it's a place we'd imagine many of you want to visit.
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