RIYL: The Shining Ballroom Scene

Label: History Always Favours The Winners

In 2011, Leyland Kirby’s side project known as The Caretaker was already well over a decade old, but his unanimously-praised full-length An Empty Bliss Beyond This World catapulted his work into the hearts of ambient music lovers and conceptual artists across the globe.  Essentially, Kirby’s concept is to make music that throws the listener into the cavernous minds of Alzheimer’s patients who grew up before rock and roll had stabbed its way through the radio waves.  Ballroom dance numbers stop and start at random, loop and reloop and sometimes replay after 4-5 new songs.  If there was ever a recommended study that accurately portrayed what a victim of Alzheimer’s patients went through, The Caretaker would be my choice.  If you love the ballroom scene from The Shining, the crackle of an old 78 or if you’re just a big fan of conceptual art, then The Caretaker is essential listening.

Some of his original pressings fetch $300+ on the secondary market, so I doubt this blue vinyl variant will make through the day.  Check out the entire album below and grab a copy before it’s out of sight and out of mind.

The Details

Limited edition vinyl, first 300 copies pressed on blue vinyl.
Mastered and cut by Lupo, artwork by Ivan Seal

Price $20.75

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