When it comes to anything with the tag “ambient”… The Album Leaf is a clear frontrunner in my mind. Pretty much anything Jimmy LaValle works on has a phenomenal atmosphere to it. From beginnings in the post-rock band Tristeza (among many other San Diego-based bands), to scoring films, to working on a record with Mark Kozelek, to his immense output with The Album Leaf… LaValle has solidified himself as a prolific musician and one worth following. If you’ve got the interest and the time, I’d highly recommend venturing through all these aforementioned works!

With the majority of The Album Leaf’s work being pressed under Sub Pop’s label, Forward/Return sees a different direction as this particular record is a self-released endeavor. You may have seen CD’s for this one at the merch booth if you caught any of his shows in the recent past but now we can own this one on wax — finally!

But it gets better. For this pressing, Forward/Return has been mixed, mastered, and even sequenced to include a new intro and interludes — specifically for vinyl.

Check this one out down below!

Wallet 4p 1CD

Wallet 4p 1CD

Wallet 4p 1CD

The Details

Forward/Return 12" PRE-ORDER
$ 15.00
THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! WILL SHIP BY OCTOBER 22nd. (If you order other items, they will all be shipped with this LP).

Limited Edition CLEAR or TRANSPARENT RED Vinyl!!!

Mixed, mastered, and sequenced with a new intro and interludes specifically for vinyl.

Stretched Home
Low Down

Under The Night
Dark Interlude
Dark Becomes Light

Thanks to Justin for the tip!

Price $15

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