Nocturne Impalpable is the second record from Sylvain Chauveau. It was released in 2001 and it gets its first vinyl treatment now on the Polish label, Minority Records.

The record is very minimal mostly with melancholy piano and some cello parts. It feels, nowadays, that it was just ahead of the new wave of neoclassical releases that came out soon after on labels like Sonic Pieces, or Type, back then. Nocturne Impalpable always reminds me of Peter Broderick’s debut Float, which is still one of my favorites of this genre.

“Nocturne Impalpable” represents a world of minimalism, abstraction and a contemporary approach to classical music. Sylvain Chauveau’s piano variations have often been likened to the creations of composers such as Harold Budd and Claude Debussy. At the same time, his multi-talent is evident when he combines with distinctive ease, the electronic elements, noise and ambient levels with monumental strings and piano preludes. The composer of the micro symphonies on the “Nocturne Impalpable” album is Sylvain himself, the only exception being the “ArachnĂ©enne Encore” piece, composed by the pianist Olivier Lageyre. “Nocturne Impalpable” fully reveals Sylvain’s compositional versatility. Other contributors to the recording of the album, in addition to Sylvain and Olivier, include Olivier CavaillĂ© (cello), BenoĂ®t GĂ©not (viola), Eugen Fabris (cello), Vincent Pouplard (accordion), Matthias Meier (clarinet) and Xavier Carriere (trumpet). The experienced audio engineers, Joan Cambon and FrĂ©dĂ©ric Luneau, oversaw the recording and the final mix.

The Details

Vinyl album is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at Pallas Group GmbH, Diepholz, Germany.
Each vinyl copy features download coupon with a code to download FLAC version of the album.

Edition of 250 hand-numbered copies on transparent vinyl.

Price $19.92

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