I would like to introduce for all psychedelic/progressive/krautrock/acid-folk/spacerock vinyl lovers, which are getting nervous by having strictly limited editions in their hands: Fruits De Mer Records, an one Man UK based label, founded in 2008. Till 2012 each vinyl  – mostly 7inches in always colored wax  (in the beginning introducing mostly cover versions from famous 60’s/ 70’s Bands, played by temporary bands from around the globe) were strictly limited by 300-500 copies. Since early 2012 limited between 800-1200 copies (normally). Via ebay the early numbers from the catalogue scored up to £ 250 in the UK (in strange colors by the vinyl). More easier to get this vinyls in the UK, Germany and some other countries via retailers, much more difficult to buy these in the USA (actually there is a list on FdM’s web site, have a look!)  Under normal circumstances you can not buy any item after the release from the web site (even you are living in the UK), because Keith, the man behind this label has not even one vinyl in his shop anymore – All sold out, normally just a couple of days after each release. WOW!

Keith introduced his Label like this:

Fruits de Mer Records – possibly the world’s smallest vinyl-only psych/prog/acid folk/krautrock/spacerock record label – but then again, maybe not – what do we know? Established way back in 1715 (that’s a quarter past five in the evening) by Andy and Keith, we started out with the carefully laid-out plan to unearth and reissue long-lost, classic tracks from the sixties and early seventies – but the record companies with the rights to the back-catalogues simply didn’t want to know us. After several weeks of crying into our coco pops, we thought, “sod it, we’ll do it ourselves”…and we have. Andy decided it was time to do something different at the beginnning of 2012, so FdM now consists of me (Keith) and whoever else I can rope in. FdM releases are a right old mix of classic and obscure tracks, usually reinterpreted by artists who love them, respect them but want to breathe new life into them…and they do, god bless ’em. FdM pays all the publishing fees, so the original writers get paid…and the record companies get bugger-all. These days, there’s also a smattering of new songs by artists who impress me as having a touch of trhe 60s and 70s about them – but are mainly just damn-good. go on, put on your diving gear, join the Fruits de Mer deep-sea fishing trip as we dredge up whoppers by the likes of The Small Faces, Nick Drake, Can, Dantalion’s Chariot, Caleb and Strawberry Alarm Clock…even little-known bands such as The Beatles. Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones get a look-in with us. Then we let new or cult artists such as The Bevis Frond, Soft Hearted Scientists, nick nicely, The Chemistry Set, Cranium Pie, Stay, Vibravoid and Alison O’Donnell get to work in making the tracks their own. Running a vinyl record label is a sure-fire way of losing money but I’m in it for the love of it and, if you’ve read this far, you probably are too – you can find out more about FdM at www.fruitsdemerrecords.com – but of course you’re here already – call in for a cuppa, drop me a line any time. In the words of Schizo Fun Addict, who put together our first single, “Be brave…and keep faith”.

Tip!: On Youtube there is a FdM channel where you can hear a lot of tunes from the back-catalogue!

FdM’s biggest hit in 2012 was for pretty sure a really fantastic krautrock DLP sampler called Head Music. full of cover versions of the legendary german underground label from the seventies called Brain.

On June 17th 2013 Keith will release two 12inch and two 2x12inch Albums which he called: A new series of instrumental compilations from FdM Records. Of course each album will be strictly limited by just 400 Copies each and the wax colors will be black, white, clear and grey. For pretty sure you have to pre-order this items (via FdM or a Retailer) NOW, because they might be sold out before they will find the way into a shop.

To order a vinyl (or the whole bundle) via FdM records, you have to email Keith (Click on “Buy me” link below to get more infos).




The Details

From Keith:

what will they retail at? single LPs are £10, double LPs are £15

what about the CD? the CD is FREE! But only for anyone ordering a complete set of the vinyl releases

so, what's on the albums? Ahh, now you're talking (or is it me?)

strange fish one - an LP of one-artist-per-side floating ambient/synth/sequencer/guitar sounds

strange fish two - a double LP compilation of krautrock/progressive rock influenced/guitar-led tracks

strange fish three - a double LP compilation of kosmische/motorik/sequencer/Neu!/Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schultze-influenced tracks

strange fish four - an LP compilation of acoustic guitar+electronics/synth/more 'modern' ambient tracks

strange fish five - a strange fish bonus CD, exclusive to buyers of strange fish one–four, 70+ minutes of more strange fish sounds

what and who is on them? Unusually for Fruits de Mer, the music is all original - no covers. Most tracks are brand-new, but a few have appeared before on artist-released CDs, as downloads or similar (but they all deserve to be heard by a much-wider audience, in my humble).

The artists featured are:
strange fish one : Sendelica and Craig Padilla

strange fish two : Moonweevil, Vespero, Organic Is Orgasmic, Cat Frequency, Julie's Haircut, Sendelica, Temple Music, The Grand Astoria and Mechanik

strange fish three - Palace of Swords, Zenith:Unto The Stars, Earthling Society, Dead Pylons, The Golden Cake Company, Vert:x, Black Tempest and Frobisher Neck

strange fish four : Cat Frequency, Organic Is Orgasmic, Zenith:Unto The Stars, The Vox Humana, James McKeown, Temple Music and The Bordellos

strange fish five : Elevation, Jay Tausig, The Golden Cake Compamy, The Cream People, Mademoiselle Marquee, Oceanfire, Purple Rock Trip, Beau and The Amazing Sounds Of D.B. Turi

how many are being pressed? I really don't know what the demand will be, I'm taking a bit of a punt on this whole project, but I can't afford to be left with lots of spare copies so i'll press whatever i get as advance orders, plus a few. I'm guessing at 400-500 sets, including all the copies that will go to the artists themselves, so only 300-400 will be available to buy.

Price $16

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