RIYL: the outback

Label: Edições CN

Spencer Clark’s vision of Australia is the lobby of a tropical five-star resort. This lobby has plenty of bronzed and dark red tourists walking around, sitting in the paisley-covered luca chairs and checking in for their extended stay of exploration, excuse for constant drunkenness, or a combination of the two. You decided to set up shop on one of these luca chairs with your dive equipment in a bag next to you as you wait for your companions to accompany you to the boat that’s going to take out in to the sea. On one hand, you detest the blatant ignorance that saturates these people and on the other hand, you really can’t find better people watching anywhere else. You begin to feel much better in comparison just by bearing witness to this. You weren’t particularly unhappy, but you were feeling exhausted from having to get up after that night dive that took you in to a cave where you encountered the Kraken and Cthulu. Listen to “Study For The World Of Shells” below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

These are ambiences from Australian landscapes, recorded by Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife, The Skaters, et al). Forced by undersigned into the genus of the field recordist.
Natural sounds are mirrored to a world of fabricated aquarium music. Where lorikeets and ocean waves serve as a counterpoint for beautiful, light background airs. The recorder cunningly observes a building where the tourist forages, and fascinates the sounds of lands that are forever spiritual to the native.
Captured on handheld cassette recorder as both being a study, and a private s(t)imulation. Resulting in a document that is a particular addition to Clark’s catalogue, where the sacred, the mirth and the mundane forever morph.
releases December 10, 2016

Recorded by Spencer Clark. Edited by Lieven Martens. Mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Typography by Jeroen Wille.
tags: classical monopoly child star searchers spencer clark the skaters dolphins into the future edicoes cn fieldrecording lieven martens moana naturalism Antwerp

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