RIYL: Brian Eno, solitude,

Label: Twice Removed Records

A deluxe, hand poured, double vinyl version of the original CD release on Twice Removed Records. This super limited edition also includes the tracks from the ‘Red Fire Dark’ EP. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.
It is pressed on clear vinyl with the petals of real wild flowers embedded in the vinyl, and it comes with a couple of bonus items only available with this version. Download code of all tracks, including the EP, is included. NB The Bandcamp download is the CD version which doesn’t include the EP tracks.

Sample full LP on the Bandcamp website under the “Buy Now” button.

US$63.00 includes shipping.

There is also a random color version available. 75 copies for 40 pounds.

The Details

Close your eyes and imagine a walk through an ancient forest, the wind stirring the high branches, pine needles under your feet, A cabin. A sad girl sings a beautiful song, whilst her brother idly picks at his homemade guitar. We are Snoqualmie Falls, and this is the soundtrack to our dream life. Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song, and there's always music in the air.

Jeff is based in Sussex UK
Alicia is from the Waikato lowlands surrounding Hamilton, New Zealand

Jeff has released solo material under the name ‘Listening Mirror’ on various labels, in different parts of the world including Hibernate (UK), Cooper Cult (NZ), Twiceremoved (AUS) and Dronarivm (RUS), as well as a few self released albums.

Alicia records solo material under the name ‘birds of passage’ and has released 3 albums on the Denovali label in Germany. She has also worked with The Dale Cooper Quartet and Aiden Baker.

Snoqualmie Falls was formed two years ago when Jeff and Alicia discovered each other’s music by chance, and contacted each other to see if a collaboration was possible.

The music is a combination of Jeff’s treated guitar drones and field recordings and Alicia’s beautiful and haunting whispered vocals.

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Price $63

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