RIYL: Sleeping with one ear open / Dreamsploitation / You'll Never Get To Heaven / Orchestra of the Eighth Day /Harold Budd / Steve Reich

Label: Reliable Effects

If dreamy, haunting soundscapes is your thing, you should know the name of Chuck Blazevic by now. His work as Dreamsploitation and You’ll Never Get To Heaven is truly breathtaking stuff!

His first LP under the Slow Attack Ensemble moniker was released back in 2016 as a cassette-only, and it is a thing of true beauty.. Using marimbas, vibraphones, keys, fretless bass, guitars and endless delay effects, Chuck manages to bring forth a minimalistic ambient sound that is organic and unique. Like a faint brush of memories past, it’s impossible to tune in without finding resemblence to something lost but not forgotten. My finest moments of meditating or slowly falling into slumber is very often accompanied by his sounds. Delay Music was released this Friday, and I’m already sinking deeply in love with it.. The perfect background music that’s full of nifty details that repeatedly demands your attention and pulls you in and out of focus.

Pressed in only 111 copies, this is one to grab asap.


The Details

released July 12, 2019

Music created and performed by Chuck Blazevic, except AFTER NOON composed by Luigi Maramotti

Instruments: fretless bass, electric guitar, sampled mallet instruments & delay system

MELTING ICE recorded live at Ratio by Joe Strutt for Mechanical Forest Sound, June 10, 2017

All other selections recorded by Chuck Blazevic at home & 211 King, fall 2016 - fall 2017

a Reliable Effects release
Distributed by Séance Centre

Price $20

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