RIYL: yachts, shrimp & white wine, musky cologne, diamond cufflinks, cocaine cocktails

Label: City Baby Records

“Another Manhattan, Todd,” you shout over to the mahogany wet bar in the dining room of your 1987 Oceanco Yacht.  “Todd?!”  You dart a quick glance to the corner and catch Todd slumped into a bloody heap next to a cracked bottle of private cask whiskey.  “NO!  NOOOOO!  That whiskey cost me $3500!”  You reload your 3.1 Colt AR-15 and spray a metal mist of bullets through the shattered window above your head.  The hovering police choppers at 11 o’ clock aren’t going anywhere.  They retaliate with a two-minute assault into starboard, just one more reminder of the inescapable pickle you’re in.

Heroin trafficking tends to get prioritized high with police departments.  You just so happen to have 200 kilos of witch hazel on board, and the San Diego PD have been sniffing up your skirt for two months.  It doesn’t matter who tipped them off at this point, but you’re pretty certain it was Steve.  “F-ing Steve,” you mutter while lighting your last cigarette. Your cassette deck is still blaring Sky Tony’s newest EP over your loud speakers.  You let the last few seconds of Hot Ice fade out before you face your inevitable demise, hopping through the window with one last case of ammo and your middle finger firmly in the air.  Fade to white.

Roll credits.

The Details

After City Baby Record's hot 2016 debut from Tokyo's Liquid Pegasus, the label heads to LA to deliver Sky Tony's inaugural EP distributed by Star Creature Universal Vibrations. A fully-ripened offering not to be missed.
500 copies incl. 100 randomly distributed white vinyl versions.

Price $12

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