Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about? ¬†Yeah, you know his name. ¬†Sinkane, though, is riding shotgun in in his¬†1971 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. ¬†Ya see, John Shaft don’t go nowhere without Sinkane. ¬†Sinkane provides the afro funk, the badunkadunk and the dopest cheeba cheeba on God’s green earth.


Mars could easily be the soundtrack to Debbie Does Dallas AGAIN or a lost sequel to a Dolemite flick. ¬†It’s soulful enough for Curtis Mayfield, funky enough for Sly Stone and danceable enough for DFA Records.

DFA is releasing Sinkane’s new album Mean Love soon¬†(which is already sold out on their site), so what better opportunity than now to re-release 2012’s cocoa-buttery¬†Mars¬†on beautiful red wax? ¬†Can you dig it? ¬†Damn right.

The Details

RED VINYL VERSION IS A PREORDER AND SHIPS IN SEPTEMBER. The black vinyl ships now. You'll get your digital copy immediately.

DFA Debut of Ahmed Gallab (Of Montreal, Yeasayer, Caribou) housed in a heavy tip-on jacket with printed inner. Includes an instant digital copy.

Price $16.99

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