Somewhere between Enya, a beachside resort in the Yucatán, where the sun isn’t too harsh, with a margarita in hand, the fathoms of space with Carl Sagan narrating your every move and the taiga where an endless mist drifts… you’ll find Sean McCann. I’m ashamed that I’ve gone this long without happening across McCann, and I feel even more ashamed after seeing his Bandcamp which is filled to the brim with his work. He’s about five years older than me and he’s already making music as beautiful as Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings (not to mention everything else). Is there hope for me? Probably not, but let’s continue. You should buy this. Make this among your first vinyl purchases of 2015; not to mention one of your first 2015 album purchases. This is the aural equivalent to alpaca wool being pulled over your eyes. Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to some songs off of Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings below via the SoundCloud players and see what you think of them. Cheers!


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[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=777777″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The Details

1. White Stairwell (Prelude)
2. Guardian
3. Charade
4. Iodine
5. Language Of Night
6. Choreographer
7. Vacant Passage
8. A Guiding Measure
9. Sylvan Smoke
10. Sense Of Life
Realized over a four year period, Sean McCann’s Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings is a document of transition and maturation. Slow moving cloud forms over corporeal landscapes, these impressions whisper of McCann’s imminent & decisive lean towards classical & avant-garde musics, culminating in 2013’s Music for Private Ensemble on his own imprint, Recital. Less a final statement on ambient music, more a meditation on change, discovery and process.

Price $20

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