Sean McCann makes music made of dreams. Prelusion came out about two years ago on vinyl, but lucky for us there’s still copies left. McCann gives new meaning to the word “ethereal” with Prelusion. I’m about four years late to the party on this one but better late than never, right? This served as the unofficial first release for McCann’s Recital label, originally being issued on a limited run of CDrs. Not only was it limited, but the first 125 came scented with oils. I wonder what kind of oils he used…  McCann calls Prelusion “suitable music for lying in bed, awake or asleep” which gives me ethereal comment some water. If I go scuba diving again sometime in the future, I wouldn’t mind having this soundtrack my dive in to the depths of a cave. Prelusion can put you in a state of hypnagogia. If you’re feeling tense or you can’t fall asleep, let McCann put you under his spell with this. Check out the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

1. Our Silhouette
2. Port
3. Have I Forgotten?
The definitive version of this triptych of tectonic drift originally released as a CD-R on the artists' own Recital Program label in 2011. 'Our Silhouette', which blankets the whole of the first side with jewel like piano runs and distant fading synths, may be one of McCann's most elegant moves. The reverse holds two tracks of long form organ / string plateaus that float elegantly in space, refracting light & sound in patterns around the head.

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