In the matter of about four years since their public inception, experimental/dark ambient French duo Saåad have amassed seven albums (one of which is a three-way collaboration) and five EPs. The duo’s constructs of majestic and foreboding darkness on Deep/Float will command/hijack whatever space the album happens to be unleashed upon. Deep/Float is in the middle between healing and abyssal. Despite the morose characteristics peppered throughout, the album is… strangely relaxing. I’m not sure how they’ve managed to be under my radar for this long, because this is the kind of music I live for.

I would throw out some comparisons to this, but that seems like it wouldn’t do any justice for this work – not to mention, I really can’t think of anything. All the dark ambient artists/acts I’ve been exposed to are purely dour but I’ve never heard a flirtation between that and… harmony, if that’s even the right word to use. Below, via the duo’s Bandcamp player, you can listen to Deep/Float in its entirety and see what you think of it. As an aside, it’s €17 shipped for France, €19 shipped to Europe, and €20 shipped for the rest of the world. Cheers!

The Details

HITD021 - Vinyl 12" Clear
300 copies (+ digital)

Following a number of quality drone/dark ambient releases on cassette including last year’s HITD release Orbs & Channels, as well as digital EPs, CDs and with some quality experimental collaborations and splits under their belts, it was high time that Romain Barbot and Greg Buffier got their 5 year evolution onto wax.
And it has been worth the wait. Deep/Float is arguably Saåad’s most crafted and coherent work to date. The record is broadly inspired by their week-long auditory experiments at the Faï farm in 2013 where, in a valley at the foot of the Alps, they improvised music in a completely natural atmosphere using three giant horns reverberating against a cliffside to amplify their sounds. Over the following six months, the duo decided to carry on reinventing their writing. They have stripped their rig right down to its bare skin, exploring the essence of their work and coming up with an extremely minimal, almost carnal approach to their music.
The final outcome is a luminous album, a 40 minutes musical healing cure made up of a complex mix of field recordings, ambient improv and abstract drone. And, of course, the record wouldn’t be complete without a tremendous artwork by Romain Barbot to visually complete and complement the album’s themes of sexuality and elemental forces.

01. Valley Of Quartz (05:33)
02. Alone In The Light (05:51)
03. Giant Mouth (06:54)
04. I Will Always Disappoint You (06:07)
05. New Helicon (06:58)
06. After Love (06:20)
released 17 April 2014
Music written & recorded by Romain Barbot & Gregory Buffier / Nov 13th, 2013 ~ Jan 13th, 2014, Toulouse - France
Mixed by Romain Barbot / Jan. 2014, Toulouse - France
Mastered by Byron Christodoulou / Jan. 2014, Athens - Greece
Artwork & photographies by Romain Barbot

Field recordings captured during the residency at Echos
Festival 2013 (June 22nd - June 30th), Le Saix (Faï) - France.

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