An amazing work here by Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles. So much drama and energy conveyed through a sparse ambient landscape. I very quickly found myself lost in the amazing beats. I’m not sure if there’s a way for me to actually become a ghost w/o dying this Halloween, but if I do, I shall be listening to the track “ghosting” as I scare the crap out of teens.

Killer album, a must have for our ambient fans out there.

The Details

Rival Consoles is Ryan Lee West - a London based electronic producer signed to Erased Tapes who has his roots in rock music and is primarily a guitarist. His mission on his new album, Howl was to find the perfect balance between club music and something more personal to listen to at home. The album’s title track is made up from West’s experiments of wiring synths up to guitar pedals, the resulting noises were howl-like. These experiments also inspired a darker tone to the album. His less-is-more approach to composition fits in with the Erased Tapes ethos.

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