We’re only a few days into the new year and there’s already a ton of exciting new music coming to turntables near you! Richard Houghten is an artist that needs to be on your radar this year. His handmade releases are of amazing quality and are in extremely limited runs. This release is no exception! Order now!

The song, Open Horizon was created as an original score for the Transworld skateboarding film “Open Horizon” (linked below) that Richard made special for the video.

Limited Edition of 30 Copies
Clear Lathe-cut 7″
Bentley Snowflake Etching

The Details

Open Horizon - 7" Record
This is a limited run of 30 hand-cut records. Each record has a Bentley snowflake etched into the center of the clear vinyl.
The cover is made of a clear transparency that allows light to shine through the record jacket.
Songs Featured are:
Side A - 1. Electric Blossom 2. Guitars
Side B - 3. Open Horizon
The song "Open Horizon" was composed for the Transworld skating film Open Horizon. It features cello by Nicole Calhoun, and violin by Heidi Yoo
All music composed and recorded by Richard Houghten
Cover photo by Russell Houghten

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Price $15

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