RIYL: Bloomypetal / A Cosmic Gift

Label: VinylMoon / Self-Released

[b]On Sale Today (March 6) @ 11am PST![/b]

Richard Houghten has done it again.
Always pushing the bounds of his art, both in music and in physical form.

These ‘Music for Drifters’ records sport an awesome Diffraction Grating hologram over the playable area of both sides of the LP!

Also, all buyers will be entered into a random drawing to win a special bonus gift – a mini lathe-cut record!

Vinyl Moon Edition
Limited Edition of 100 Blue Vinyl LP
Gate Fold Jackets / Diffraction Grating Holograms
Bandcamp Edition
Limited Edition of 100 Black & 100 Clear Vinyl LP
Gate Fold Jackets / Diffraction Grating Holograms

“I recorded the whole album over the last 2 years in my home using recorded sounds and noises from my environment and layering guitars, synths, and whatever I could find to make a beat! I was heavily influenced by Brazilian and Latin rhythms and had the pleasure of traveling to São Paulo Brazil and soaking in all the beauty that was around me there.”

– Richard

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Price $30

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