RIYL: music for the babies

Label: Music on Vinyl

So, back in the 60s these albums came out to put your baby to sleep or perhaps stop the crying. However, here we are as dinosaurs, buying this on limited vinyl.¬†Soothing Sounds for Baby is something I find more eerie and alienating than soothing, but music is subjective after all… It’s truly strange listening to this fifty-some odd years later. A song like “Tic Toc” sounds like something you’d hear in a slasher flick right before the killer snuffs out the next victim. “Toy Typewriter” would tussle with today’s noise/experimental music, no problem. Some of these are so saccharine, like “Little Tin Soldier” or “The Music Box” that it accomplishes the exact opposite of its goal. However you take it, this is an encapsulation of where electronic music production was. The cover’s also a nice encapsulation of the graphic design sensibilities back then… Listen to a preview of the album below by clicking through the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Back on vinyl: Raymond Scott's legendary early electronic music composed for the youngsters.

Price $37.15

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