Peter Broderick, American neo-classical composer, had one of his first albums, Float, reissued and remastered via Erased Tapes late last year – it came out back in 2008. I’m, one, a little bit shocked this wasn’t sold out yet and, two, we at Sly missed this; we’ve written about Peter and his collaborations multiple times in the past. Anyway, let me stop yammering and get to the point: you should get this. I’m a bit peeved I’m getting to this so late because I feel that this is a record meant for fall/winter – I mean, look at that cover! Peter Broderick’s ability to obtain so much variation out of his tool of choice, the piano, astounds me. Broderick also uses violin, viola and cello (among other instruments) to create opulent tides that swell in and out of consciousness. A fun fact: he plays almost everything you hear, except for viola on tracks 1, 3 and 6-10. Check out the goodness of Float 2013 below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Let “A Snowflake” land you on that serene beach. Cheers!

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Limited Edition 12" Vinyl incl. Album Download incl. 2 digital bonus tracks 'Float 2013 Addendum'

Price $25.2

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