Merry Christmas everybody! Are you with your family? Your significant other’s family? Perhaps a bunch of your friends? Maybe you’re alone? In any case, I’ve got you a great soundtrack to go with these serene day – the mas of Christ. This is to quell your annoyance with any crazy family members you’re forced to be with or to make the day better for you if you’re alone. Maybe you can use this as background music for a party you’re hosting and if you do, I commend you. Sky Margin is one of the loudest and commanding, yet soothing, ambient albums I’ve ever come across. Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton’s Sky Margin, in actuality, is just one giant song with each track bleeding seamlessly in to the other in a whitewash of drones and chilling rings from the woodwinds, among other sound sources. On that note, their use of musique concrète throughout this thing is to be applauded. I got frisson when “Trails” came on… come to think of it, I was getting frisson a lot. Sky Margin is such an adequate name for this ambient piece as it’s so opulent and spacious. This reminds me of Windy & Carl so very much. Each song seems to start out quietly but it gets louder and louder and you just don’t notice it – that is magic. Enough of my yammering, check out Sky Margin below and see what you think of it via the Bandcamp player. Own Records is pretty awesome. Cheers!

The Details

Pausal is the audio and visual art project of Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton, both from Hampshire, UK. "Sky Margin" continues their exploration of combining mostly acoustic sound sources (instruments, field and vinyl recordings) with digital and guitar pedal processing. Although somewhat lighter in tone than it's emphatic predecessor, it once again sees the drier and noisier textures rising to the forefront whilst retaining much of the reverb-heavy drone based elements that have consistently marked their work. They have performed across the UK and in Europe supporting artists such as Grouper, Mountains, Stars of the Lid, Chihei Hatakeyama and Greg Haines.

Mastering & Photography by Taylor Deupree
released 11 September 2013

Price $13.68

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