Joe DeNardo’s (aka Ornament) debut full-length comes courtesy of iDEAL Recordings. Mr. DeNardo is part of an excellent drone act by the name of Growing. I saw one of their talented pieces, Kevin Doria performing under Total Life (a drone powerhouse), open up for Godspeed You! Black Emperor a couple of years ago and I was one of the few absolutely blown away. I went up to him immediately after he was finished and asked if he had anything for sale – sadly, he didn’t. What I’m convinced of, especially with Protest Music, is that Growing’s lemmings have texturing and atmospherics down to a science. Protest Music goes to show you that not all drone consists of one note stretches. Joachim Nordwall, from iDEAL, says that  Protest Music “[with its] complex sounds and images… contend[s] with the absolute grayness of existence.” Nordwall also makes note of Protest Music‘s title being a double entendre. Listen to the preview for Protest Music by clicking the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

**Dense, roiling drone show from Joe DeNardo, who's best known as Growing but, adopts the Ornament moniker to signify something altered from his usual practice. It starts out with a folksy sort of dissonance and soon starts to curdle and keen in fascinating formations**

Joachim Nordwall of iDEAL says: "Protest Music" is the first release by Ornament, the recent project of Joe DeNardo from the band Growing. Ornament began playing shows in late 2012 around the New York City area, and recorded this album int he summer and fall of 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.

While live Ornament shows have been known to test audience decibel tolerances with sounds ranging from guitar-based rawness to deeply effected, skrewed up percussion, the double entendre named "Protest Music" presents a distillation of those themes down to their essences, both positive and negative, utopian/dystopian. The complex sounds and images of "Protest Music" contend with the absolute grayness of existence."

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