What I think of when I listen to Extant is how well it would fit among a horror film, or among a Star Trek episode, with its eerie drone – I don’t think oh/ex/oh minds that I (perhaps you) think this either. There are various vocal samples that are infused within the tracks, and to be honest I’m not sure if these samples (some with an Irish tinge) are from the short film The Last Days or from other horror movies that oh/ex/oh has seen. Just about all the instrumentation within this album is synthetic in some way, but there does come along a piano in “Distance (Reprise)” even though it is accompanied by gnarled analog waves. This is his debut, releasing it the day before the Mayan doomsday last year so this hasn’t been around entirely too long. Give Extant a listen below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of it. I think you are supposed to get The Last Days along with your purchase! Cheers!

The Details

about this album:

Extant—the debut transmission from OH/EX/OH—is the soundtrack to an alternative future. A future world where all that existed before has been forgotten. It's a dystopian drone odyssey. Yet within the electronic entropy, there are signs of life. Spanning 49 minutes OH/EX/OH will guide you across this new tundra and show you hope within a world of despair.

Dystopian Drones / Utopian Tones.

Pressed onto 180gram heavy vinyl and packaged in a custom hand numbered fold out sleeve. Extant is the second release from Manchester based The Geography Trip and comes with a digital copy and original short film, The Last Days.

Hood up. Eyes down. Ears open.
released 21 December 2012
album credits:

Written and produced by OH/EX/OH.
Mastered at BolaMachine

Price $23.37

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