Don’t sleep on this one! Don’t think about it – go order now! IT WILL GO FAST. A second Nujabes release has already sold out today before I even woke up!

Ever since his premature death in 2010 (at age 36) Nujabes has entranced fans around the world with his approach to hip hop beats, often blending jazz influences into his songs creating a mellow, nostalgic and atmospheric sound.

Limited Edition
Black Vinyl 12″
* Ships from Japan (add $12 for S/H to USA)
* Looks like the US Shop is already SOLD OUT.
* Please look HERE at the Japanese shop, it still looks available for now…


The Details

This is pre order.
Dispatch serves as the March.
Produced by Nujabes
cover artwork & design by FJD
Track List

Side A
Child's Attraction
Side B
Yes featuring Pase Rock

Price $14

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