RIYL: Darkside, James Blake, Burial

Label: Other People

In 2013, I was introduced to Nicolas Jaar through his visionary side project Darkside, producing the widely-praised yearly list-topping full-length Psychic before disbanding.  Since then, Jaar has started his own label, Other People, and continued to create the cavernous, dark ambient pop that he’s known for, and 2016 will see his newest project Sirens come to fruition.  Each one of the deluxe editions comes with a sleeve made of lottery paper and a loose American quarter, and Jaar’s hope is that each quarter will carve its own chaotic artwork into each individual cover in transit to your doorstep.  In 2016, under the worldwide blanket of global capitalism, is the majority of art nothing more than a commodified submission to that power?  Checkmate, Jaar.  Well played, sir.

The scratch-off edition is already sold out on Other People’s online store, but you can still pick up a copy on Amazon.  Listen to the entire album on Other People HERE.

The Details

Limited vinyl LP pressing features white scratch-off ink and a 25 cent piece cased in a plastic outer sleeve. Each copy will be unique, as the quarter will move around the plastic sleeve in transit creating it's own pattern. This is intentional, so any scratches that appear on the front cover when the vinyl arrives is a result of this.
2016 release.

Price $22.55

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