The ambient and drone floweth over as of late and I don’t mind it one bit. “A Roomful of Lovers” is a warm blanket of sound that takes after the likes of Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas (whoever wrote the synopsis took the words right out of my mouth) and it slathers on tinges of dub techno. It’s a bundle of energy that sounds like it’s fixing to explode at any minute, and quite frankly you shouldn’t mind that. I bet an explosion concerning something this soothing would only serve to magnify its effects. Miles Whittaker (of Demdike Stare) only makes “A Roomful of Lovers” even more gaseous on the B side. When you flip over to the B side of A Roomful of Lovers, that’s when the snow should start falling from the sky – if it’s not, you’re probably doing something wrong. Check out the Boomkat preview of A Roomful of Lovers below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Remote Viewer/Hood man. Limited to 200 hand painted copies with Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) edit.

'A Roomful of Lovers' is another gorgeous gaseous peace of drone music. Beatless, it takes its cue from the exquisite dub techno produced over the years by the likes of Deepchord and Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project. One of the main strengths of this music are the secrets that appear to be under the surface, shards of percussion, churning synths. You are never quite sure what is real and what is imagined and that is one of the key components of this kind of techno-influenced bliss ambience. Overleaf, Whittaker adds further splashed of percussion, a machine-like beat and when the mood takes him, pitches the whole track up a notch. The addition of a 4/4 thump about half way through gives the track an electrifying kick start. Whittaker has perfectly added colour and energy to the track without distorting its blissfull appeal.
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