Is Daria Nicolidi drowning or rising up from the decidedly teal waters? She looks like she’s at peace either way. I suppose it comes down to whether you like to look at the glass half full or half empty. The way she’s coyly smiling, with her eyes tightly shut, it really could boil down to either event. Neotantrik’s debut full-length, with electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani, Bruno Spoerri and Jane Weaver, exudes this sultry atmosphere – something that could be played in the depths of a tropical jungle or during the dregs of an all night party out in the backyard of your luxurious home. The pool’s ripples, projected in thanks to that halogen light submerged in the water, glides across your skin like a finger across a harp. There’s an air of trepidation and that is encapsulated within an enigma. This music is your aimless musing; the thoughts you have before you fall unconscious for a few hours every night. Check out a preview of Blue Amiga via the Boomkat player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Andy Votel and Demdike Stare’s Sean Canty’s concept group, NeoTantrik, return with the fruits of recent performances alongside Buchla maestro Suzanne Ciani, Swiss jazz legend Bruno Spoerri, and folk artist Jane Weaver.

Recorded during sporadic visits to theatres and art spaces across the world, ‘Blue Amiga’ follows one year on from their ‘Intervisions’, further flinging the coordinates of their improvised alloys to encompass, extract and reduce a broad spectra of influences and disciplines taken from theatrical sound design, Italian library and computer music with general abstract and unrehearsed mechanical / human /electronic interfaces. Put simply; it’s a trip.

Augmented by the presence of synth music and electro-jazz pioneers Ciani and Spoerri - both subjects of excellent reissues by Votel’s Finders Keepers label - plus the return of Jane Weaver and home-made music by the Sound Awareness blog’s Martin Young, the team sweep us thru engrossing soundscapes fanning out from sub-aquatic drone to radiant electro-acoustica, gloomy cues and strung out, opiated ambience of a deeply romantic, adult nature. Garbed in Asia Argento’s gorgeous cover design - featuring an image depicting the private family swimming pool photography of Giallo actress Daria Nicolodi - ‘Blue Amiga’ wears its cinematic influences quite literally on its sleeve, while musically rebuking the obvious stylistic blinkers of European film music in favour of genuine naked exploration and expansion.

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