You’ve finally gotten home from a hard day at the construction site. You had to operate the jackhammer today and your earmuffs got punctured by the debris that propelled off the tiny crevasses that were forming around the hammer’s might. Everything is supposed to be honey but you’ve got a ringing in your ears that just won’t go away. You’re trying to think about what you’re supposed to do right now, but your mind keeps going back to the incessant bell that’s held its upper-octave note ever since you got off your shift. Your homeboy came in early to take your shift, so you’re not used to being home before the sun sets – you’re already more than disoriented. You’ve just gotten out of prison on parole, so your PO’s definitely not going to let any of your vices slide anymore.

You’ve taken up getting in to music to keep your mind off the slopes. You frequent the record store plenty. The guy at the counter gave you Oie Kirr when you went there on your day off; he said it’d be best listened to when you’re feeling tense. You put it on the shelf and told yourself “I’ll get to it eventually.” Right now is your eventually. You don’t care that it’s 4PM, you decide you’re going to bed. You snatch that record off the shelf, put it on your turntable, you pres- wait, a minute. Before you do that, you decide to grab that incense and light it up – they had a promotion at the record store that other day, where they gave it away like candy. You kill the lights. You press play. You lay down on your bed and look up in to the nothingness and the lambent smoldering stick. The ringing goes away, the fumes are permeating and you’re nodding off. This music reminds you of those quaaludes back in the day. Everything’s not so bad.


Check out a preview of Oie Kirr below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

N is the moniker of Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. June marks the release of two new records, including a second collaboration with Tzesne (ES). After a first very fruitful collaboration with Basque sound artist Txesus Garate alias TZESNE for the album CARRISSALS, released in 2011 by Denovali Records, the artistic vital necessity to exchange and work together carried on. In contradistinction to their collaborational debut Carrissals, where warm and dark qualities of drone interweaved – blended with Tzesne’s distinctive field recordings – they left the bright nature of that imaginary sundried place in Spain behind to take a leap into the harsh environment of the post-industrial landscape, being the inspiration of their upcoming release named THE BELT. Both artists share the interest of reflecting the conditions of a chosen location. Usually a an existing place gives inspiration for N’s sound research as distinguished from Tzesne, who collects field recordings from a wider area and manipulates them in the phase of post-production to a rather diffuse imprint. Way more heavy and dark is the impression, which THE BELT causes, right after giving a listen to its first minutes. The smell of bygone plants is synaesthetically floating within the soundscape, though trails to the dawn of a new era are roughly outlined. The four-track album features the tracks “Weaving A Wall”, “Beton”, “Bold Backwards” and “IkKky”. Limited to 100 LPs.

Accompanying the collaborational release with Tzesne, N recorded a one track solo record named N(31) “OIE KIRR“. Following the approach of his previously solo album GOOR, N has captured again his current live set. N(31) “OIE KIRR“ is a 45 minute track, only interrupted by the need to flip the record. Almost detached from its tonal origin created with guitar and amp, a deeply dark rumble initiates the track, followed by slowly accumulating captivating sounds, drifting into one another to finally gush forth to sea-like melodic drones. While the track wanders ethereal through different kinds of state, it more and more draws the listener in. After around half of the track the dense grim atmosphere clears up, offering an invitation to take a rest in the sun spread doldrums… before the storm breaks loose... The uninhabited islands of (Barther)-Oie and (Great)-Kirr are the record’s eponyms. Only rising one meter above sea level, they belong to the nature reserve, located in the lagoon of Barther Bodden on the Baltic Sea coast of northeast Germany. The islands are covered by salt marshes and dissected by creeks and are well known for their species-rich nature. N(31) “OIE KIRR“ is strictly limited to 100 LPs, including a download code presenting the track as one piece.

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