I have yet another beautiful release from Chemical Tapes. MonoLogue’s The Sea From The Trees is like gazing at the fireplace, while you lay on the ceramic tile floor before it. There’s a light mist outside and the sun is nowhere to be seen. The only sound you can hear is the wood crackling in the flames. You’re enthralled by what you see before you, partly because your laptop and phone are dead and the electrical outlets aren’t working, but nevertheless you are enthralled. You’re enjoying the simpler things. You feel like you’re on drugs, as you’re starting to analyze what’s in the fireplace and what’s around you. You notice the finer details in something you always just saw. You realize you’re engulfed in… this sea of trees (I’m sorry… I had to do that). The Sea From The Trees is ambience done right – it’s eerie, but not alienating. Elements build subtly within each track and they drift off, like a whisper. Listen to The Sea From The Trees below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

MonoLogue wants to proudly thank the Sounds.
They are the engine, the source for vibration, movement and creation.

*for better performance we recommend listening with a great pair of headphones!*
released 08 December 2014

Music composed an performed by MonoLogue (Marie e le Rose).

Executive production and editing by MonoLogue (Marie e le Rose) in PynkLab StudioS and AmanitaConceptualResearch Labs.

Mastering by AmanitaConceptualResearch Labs

Price $9.23

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