Nothing like some drone to get the existential thought train chugging along, which the title is. I’ve also been told withdrawal is also quite lonely, but I can’t I have any experience with it. Love and death, though… love is scarier than death primarily because you can never be truly certain someone is returning the same feelings for you. You can never know if who you love will lead you in to joy or ruin. Death is death – the ways you can go vary in number, but there’s no “war” with it per se as it just snatches you up. Death is certain – love isn’t. You get to make peace with death before its arrival and you know what it’s going to do. On the other hand, love… love can invigorate you, or it can lead to torment, which may or may not invite death sooner if the torment is severe enough. Love is unpredictable while death, in a way, isn’t. The brooding strings make for some great thinking music and can be the perfect accompaniment to your existential excavations. Listen to “In Love and Death” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"The Stockholm-based 'electroacoustic drone' & experimental ambient project is active since the beginning of the century (exactly: 1999) and has build an impressive discography of hypnotic sound expansions, while the main member MATHIAS JOSEFSON refined his technical and compositorical skills by finishing a study of sound art at the Royal Institute of Art and the legendary EMS Elektronmusikstudion.
After a longer period of silence MOLJEBKA PVLSE is back with two new compositions on this 10" vinyl with a quite existential title, using amplified objects, analogue synthesizers, guitars and field recordings made in Europe, Africa and the USA => an invitation to explore these unknown audio landscapes. Two dense & emotional drone tracks that form an existential unity!
This is a one time pressing of only 300 copies on transparent vinyl with incredible artwork by THOMAS DOHMEN using a "frozen bronce" metallic colour cover print.

"Moljebka Pvlse search for the place where everything you can imagine is real."

Price $16.46

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