This is Mary Lattimore’s debut, so don’t feel like you’ve slept on anything. However, Mary’s a harpist with performing credits alongside Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile, Jarvis Cocker, Meg Baird and more so she’s by no means new to the music game. The Withdrawing Room is pure harp bliss with synthesized white noise in the background accompanying her every now and then. “You’ll Be Fiiinnne” is the 24 minute opening track that will simply hypnotize you. Mary’s harp plucking is essentially an ouroburos, endlessly recycling itself. New waves of harp strings eat away old waves as creaks and various unknown shrill sound sources try to dig themselves up above the saturated harp tides. This is truly an experimental album if there ever was one. Chaos and serenity commingle as the time wears on. On another note, this album art’s absolutely fantastic… That’s enough from me, I won’t spoil the rest for you. See what you think of it with the stream linked below. If you live in the US or Canada, I’d advise you to click the normal Buy Now link. If you live in the EU, you’re going to want to click the link below the stream link to buy the album. Cheers!




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Seek solace. Be still and drift. Withdraw and be there. There. Inside. A chair awaits. A beginning built from an ending, from leaving, from afar. In times such as these, The Withdrawing Room is a safe haven to leave behind all that weighs heavily and surrounds us. We remark how comfortable the chair is, how exquisite the view is outside the window, the aroma, the breaths to be taken as you become aware of the minutia all around you and the sounds emanating from Mary Lattimore’s harp, warming your feet, your hands, your heart. Breathe. Previous collaborations have seen Mary matching wits with such esteemed luminaries as Thurston Moore, Meg Baird, Kurt Vile, Ed Askew, Fursaxa, and Jarvis Cocker. But for this debut work, Mary sequestered herself in a room, much like this one, to kindle three distinct works for keeping the listener company as he or she enjoys the view. The nuanced notes of the harp strings sing and reverberate amid subtle electronics courtesy of Jeff Zeigler on the 24-minute long piece “You’ll Be Fiiinnne;” “Pluto the Planet” meanders at a slow and steady pace as the sun makes its way across the sky and the gentle plucks of the silk and steel resonate within, beyond; the closing chaos of “Poor Daniel” charts a recklessness that embraces the listener as he or she quietly makes their way out of the room to tackle the world anew.

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