RIYL: Nujabes | Downtempo | Jazzy Hip Hop

Label: Too Many Records

Once called “the successor to Nujabes”, Marcus doesn’t take that title lightly. Not only does he have a respect for the late great producer, he has formed a mastery of the style of jazzy hip-hop that we have all come to love. Not only has he released stuff with Nujabes’ label, Hydeout/Tribe, he runs with the same crowd and lives over in Japan. Marcus D – Melancholy Hopeful is the closest thing we will get to another Nujabes album in our lifetime, and he manages to do it while adding his own style and flare to it. Rather than a replication of a familiar sound, it sits adjacent and stands on its own in a beautiful way. Vibes for days, the loungey and jazzy beats cushion the massive 72 minute album while an all star cast of guest stars pop in and out. Nujabes alum Funky DL, Cise Star, Shing02 and Substantial make appearances throughout the album, and other top tier artists like Awon and Emancipator, among others, also grace it. This album feels like a victory lap through the genre of downtempo/jazzy hip hop, and it’s legendary.

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The Details

"The Almost 10 Year (By The Time It Presses) Anniversary Edition"
Housed in a Stoughton Old-Style Tip-On Gatefold Jacket with Foil Accents
With Additional Art Exclusive To This Release
Mastered for vinyl and cut by Richard Houghten
In collaboration with Too Many Records!

/200 "Melancholy" Translucent Blue A/B, "Hopeful" Translucent Purple C/D (SOLD OUT)
/300 "Teardrop" Clear with Blue and Purple Splatter (SELLING FAST)

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