There is music that can exist in the background and there is music that requires your entire attention. ¬†You aren’t going to listen to a group like Mammifer while doing the dishes. ¬†Vocalist Faith Coloccia and her husband, Aaron Turner (formerly of Isis), have assembled a sound that far exceeds their numbers, even without the presence of a drummer.

Flower of the Field¬†sets such a beautifully stark and sinister tone, it’s easy to overlook its simplicity. ¬†The song consists of one guitar playing two notes back and forth, but it slowly magnifies its presence and distorts¬†until it’s shrieking at the top of its lungs. ¬†That vicious presence, married with Faith Coloccia’s¬†celestial vocal apparition, has concocted¬†one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard all year. ¬†Listen below, and¬†hear another tune off the E.P. after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Edition of 500 copies.
Custom tri-tone LP covers, and 12 page hand-sewn LP booklet with art/design by Faith Coloccia.

Track listing:
1. Caelestis Partus
2. Enantiodromia
3. Mercy
4. Flower of the Field

On this recording: Faith Coloccia & Aaron Turner

Price $20

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