There is music that can exist in the background and there is music that requires your entire attention.  You aren’t going to listen to a group like Mammifer while doing the dishes.  Vocalist Faith Coloccia and her husband, Aaron Turner (formerly of Isis), have assembled a sound that far exceeds their numbers, even without the presence of a drummer.

Flower of the Field sets such a beautifully stark and sinister tone, it’s easy to overlook its simplicity.  The song consists of one guitar playing two notes back and forth, but it slowly magnifies its presence and distorts until it’s shrieking at the top of its lungs.  That vicious presence, married with Faith Coloccia’s celestial vocal apparition, has concocted one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard all year.  Listen below, and hear another tune off the E.P. after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Edition of 500 copies.
Custom tri-tone LP covers, and 12 page hand-sewn LP booklet with art/design by Faith Coloccia.

Track listing:
1. Caelestis Partus
2. Enantiodromia
3. Mercy
4. Flower of the Field

On this recording: Faith Coloccia & Aaron Turner

Price $20

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