Another great find today. This is M. Sages first vinyl release after several tapes. ther are two versions for this one. an expensive limited to 100 clear vinyl with a beautiful art book and an unique collage and a normal black version limited to 200. the music is the same and beautiful equally. the field recordings are the core of  every song and are always present, but on top you have layers over layers, mostly with some minimal guitar sounds mixed with manipulated strings. On one hand it’s very minimal, on the other it sounds very full. i can imagine, that even people, who listen to post-rock could love this.

here are some more images of the vinyl and the art book.

“Something about True North has always baffled idealists. Tectonic plates established to guide the clearer top layer. Fragments of a desired truth, liberated; landscape untouched by the human condition, no need for compass. An English road pierces the jungle. An African herd grazes at the shore of the North Sea. Finding joy in the randomization of manipulation; the globe was slowly reformed from its pieces. Listen again, and I will not think the same. I changes. The compass tilts, constantly.”

Initially composed by Matthew Sage in early 2013, the core of this recording utilizes guitars, electronics, samples & field recordings; channeling ambient, hauntological and plunderphonic curiosities. The central material was then elaborated upon, proliferated upon, populated and redefined by a group of musicians (violin, cello, saxophone, synth, guitars, iron). A Singular Continent stands as a collection of amorphous sonic vistas & lucid environments. History laughs like a jilted map.

The album, a 2xLP, is accompanied by four poems written by Grant Souders (one lends a line to the album’s title) & a series of collages by Nathaniel Whitcomb (one graces the album’s cover). These works strive to further realize the elusive borders of this non-place through language and imagery. A deluxe edition of this 2xLP comes complete with a book published by Palaver Press featuring all the accompanying collages by Whitcomb & poems by Souders.

Audio mixed and mastered by Mark Kuykendall at Unknown Tone studios.

The Details


150 gm 2xLP on clear vinyl w/ silver & black labels

12x18 program guide & atlas

download code & unique atlas fragment

ARTBOOK - 32 pg book of poems & collages

published by Palaver Press

each features unique collage # by Whitcomb

hand numbered edition of 100



150 gm 2xLP on black vinyl w/ silver & black labels

12x18 program guide & atlas

download code & unique atlas fragment

hand numbered edition of 200

Price $45

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