I was first introduced to M. Geddes Gengras through his collaboration with Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw and the legendary Congos in Icon Give Thank.  Gengras and Stallones’ noise palettes and synth loops gave The Congos a fresh voice and a wider audience, squeezing every last inch of soul out of their keyboards.

New Process Music sees Gengras shedding off even more of his usual structure, going a bit more ambient and amorphic.  The Last Time We Were Here is practically rhythmless, marrying blippy sci-fi organ tones over a warm blanket of lush drone.  It’s the sound you probably heard in utero, beckoning you to shut off your impulses and get lost.

File it in between your Tim Hecker and Terry Riley albums.  UK fans can grab the album HERE.

The Details

LP limited to 350 copies pressed on opaque cian color vinyl. Packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with double sided insert, black polylined inner sleeve, and free download coupon.

This is a pre-order for November 18th street date. All items ordered with New Process Music will ship on or slightly before the street date.Our very o

Price $17

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