Label: LUH International

From the embers of the short-lived but impactful Manchester four-piece WU LYF emerges LUH.  Short for ‘Lost Under Heaven’, the new duo is made up of WU LYF frontman Ellery Roberts and Amsterdam artist Ebony Hoorn.  The couple met in 2012 and made an immediate connection, and in 2014, Roberts enlisted Hoorn to help him sing a new song.  The rest is history.

The shrill but impassioned vocal delivery from Ellery Roberts is one of the most recognizable in indie rock at the moment and is beautifully matched with Hoorn’s feminine touches.  New tracks have trickled out at an excruciatingly slow rate over the last few years, but LUH is officially done with their debut full-length.  Balam Acab has also joined forces with the group, twisting the knobs and adding his unique blend of ambient and electronic touches in the studio.  The sweeping melodies and dripping reverb you got to know in WU LYF is still embedded in LUH’s lush layers, but this is hardly a copy.  LUH is an exciting new road for the two budding artists and their fans, and this exclusive Rough Trade edition will undoubtedly sell out.

The Details

Rough Trade Exclusive Vinyl - Limited to 350 Copies with extra special Packaging. Double vinyl (AB white vinyl / CD black vinyl), packaged in separate sleeves with an A2 newsprint style poster and encased in a printed PVC outer sleeve. Comes with Bonus CD and Download.

Price $28

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