If you think this presentation is beautiful, wait until you hear the music!

His name is Andy Othling. This album, Migratory Patterns, is about a whale. Andy is behind the guitars, banjo, keyboards, programming, and vocals you will hear in this release; supported by Shannon Harden on the  cello. Additional vocals on this release are thanks to none other than nature’s 52Hz whale!

You will find yourself immersed deep within the ocean ever so calmly venturing along to the ebb and flow of a day in the life vicariously through this majestic giant. Take the journey nowwwwwww!

Free Download: Migratory Patterns

PS Andy’s son just arrived on 3/3/13. He wrote an album entirely for his son entitled Blake. You can listen to it HERE!

Support this man! The talent is surreal.

It is not very often music can take you to another place, but Migratory Patterns does so with the ease of an aquatic like dream-state. –Sputnik Music

The Details

Colored Vinyl - 2nd Pressing
This is the first ever Lowercase Noises release on vinyl! Includes wonderful additional artwork by Caleb Davis and a very special color/design on the record itself. Also includes immediate download of the digital version.

Vinyl photos by Steve Gibbs.

Includes immediate download of 5-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

This album is about a whale.
released 16 May 2011
Andy Othling - Guitars, banjo, keyboards, programming, vocals
Shannon Harden - Cello
52 Hz whale - Vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Andy Othling
Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault Mastering

Cover art by Caleb Davis

Price $15

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