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Label: Jaz Records

Happy New Year! What better way to start a new year than on a Friday? And what better music to cure your hangover with than ambient? Loscil is Scott Morgan, originally from Vancouver, British Columbia – he also drummed for Dan Bejar’s Destroyer project. Thus far, his work has been released on esteemed heavyweights such as Kranky and Ghostly International. In this Sine Studies series, Loscil has constrained himself to only making music from computer-generated sine waves and nothing else. I always find challenge projects to be a way for an artist to reinvigorate his/her creativity as they have to truly explore every aspect of whatever sound source/instrument they’ve limited themselves to. Sine Studies 2, from what can be heard on “Serpens,” the B-side, is a mournful and lavish soundscape. Morgan can transmute what little he has to work with in to something palatial. Listen to “Serpens” by clicking on this sentence and see what you think of it. $7 is a steal. Cheers!

The Details

Sine Studies II is loscil’s continuation of the challenge set forth in Sine Studies 1- namely, to generate music derived from computer generated sine waves and no other sound source. Sine waves are perfectly pure units of synthesized sound, which alone contain no overtones and a somewhat unnatural sounding simplicity of spectral content. While their abstract purity in its rawest form can seem clinical, unnatural, synthetic and rather void of emotion, loscil takes it upon himself to morph, add, stretch, chop and beat the sine waves into submission, forcing them into shapes and combinations that resonate and attempt to connect with the ears in interesting ways. With Pendulum, rhythm takes the forefront and arpeggiated sines are woven together to create overlapping patterns and forward momentum. Serpens, draws more on harmony and gentle, slow moving chords that harken back to pipe organs and religious music.

Price $7

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