There’s not too much to say about this one. As a huge fan of ambient music, Vancouverite Scott Morgan’s Loscil constantly comes up within blogs and publications I peruse. If you’re not familiar with Loscil via this route, perhaps you’re familiar with him in the fact that he drums for Dan Bejar aka Destroyer and member of the New Pornographers. Loscil’s name comes from a combination of “looping oscillator.” Morgan’s teamed up with a Seattle pianist by the name of Kelly Wyse to create serene, chilling, and aquatic ambient tunes. Wyse’s piano commingles brilliantly with Morgan’s synthesizer make-up. With five songs clocking in at almost 40 minutes this makes for a rather worthwhile vinyl purchase, considering that it’s an EP – with this length, though, I’m not sure it could be called an EP. The exchange rate is also in favor for us Americans right now with the product going for $20 CAD, it’s actually $19.71 USD with the current exchange rates! Intervalo ships out around April 16th. Check out the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think. Cheers!

The Details

Intervalo is the result of a collaboration between Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse and Vancouver's loscil. Culminating from two live performances in 2012, first at Seattle's Substrata Festival and later at Decibel Festival, these recordings were made in Seattle to capture the collaboration. This collection features reworked versions of familiar loscil compositions such as Endless Falls and Hastings Sunrise along side unique versions of rarer compositions such as Rye Fields and City Hospital.

Price $19.71

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