RIYL: Shearwater, Cross Record, Nina Nastasia, Broadcast

Label: Sub Pop Records

This is a must for fans of Shearwater! Loma is Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski (Cross Record), and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater). Dark, moody, defiant and brooding, this group provides listeners with an appropriate feeling expressed in the times we live in portraying a unique prowess in the power of its own vision. Loma is welcoming yet also gorgeously constrained, like a dream that lingers with you all day or a feeling that is unexplained but strong. I’ve only heard the single and read the release notes, so check out this quick write up for a better picture of what is to come:

Though it was recorded off a dirt road in rural Texas, there’s no hint of country here: from the first airy notes of “Who Is Speaking?” to the decaying choir of “Black Willow,” Loma create a hypnotic world of their own, where rustling leaves, fuzzed-out basses, panting dogs, prepared pianos, and a wilderness of percussion form a backdrop for Emily Cross’s translucent voice.  She’s a steady, clear-eyed presence throughout, even among the heart-pounding pulses of “Relay Runner”, the skittering drums of “Dark Oscillations” and the galloping release of “Joy”; in sparer songs like “Shadow Relief” and the haunting “I Don’t Want Children,” she’s a fearless ally, swimming calmly with you against a powerful undertow. (Sub Pop)

They have the loser edition of their vinyl available at subpop for a killer price. Enjoy

The Details

Limited edition Clear w/Red and Black swirl colored vinyl LP.

Includes digital pre-order of Loma.
digital album releases February 16, 2018
item ships out on or around February 9, 2018

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Price $16

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