RIYL: Lowercase Noises, Young Galaxy, Besnard Lakes, Brian Eno

Label: Constellation Records

Do you ever listen to music and think, man, this would pair nicely with a sentient robot explaining the wonders of the cosmos to me? Well if you have then you might have listened to this record or you might just be really high, either way you’re probably in a good place. If you want to find your way to such a place I suggest you settle yourself and enjoy this first track from the cool duo of Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes in their experimental sonic release.

The Details

Limited edition vinyl version is 500 copies pressed at Optimal (Germany) in jacket and art print poster spot printed with metallic gold ink.

Vinyl shipping cost:
Canada/USA: $9.00 (+$3.00 per additional)
Rest Of World: $15.00
First Class Air Mail
Shipped from Constellation, Montréal, Canada.

Includes digital pre-order of Sequence One. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
shipping out on or around March 8, 201

Light Conductor is the twilight slow-burn modular synthesis duo of Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes. Sequence One is their first album: a warm shimmering sonic hug of enveloping drone and hypnotic arpeggiation flowing along buoyant filter-sweeping eddies and waves. Gently immersive like a saltwater bath under a starry sky, Light Conductor make nighttime/sunrise music in widescreen high-fidelity at their vintage-equipped Breakglass Studios in Montréal, pinning the pre-amps with stately, slowly shifting synth tones, stereophonic squelches and pink noises.

Lasek is among Canada’s most seasoned producer-engineers; his recordings and mixes marinate in slow-cooked analogue glaze, balancing spacious soundstaging against sumptuous saturation – as fans of his esteemed power-shoegaze rock band The Besnard Lakes can attest (and as can be heard on other award-winning recordings Lasek has helmed, by the likes of Patrick Watson, Suuns, Moonface and Esmerine). With Light Conductor, Lasek brings this studio sensibility to bear on music of slow inexorability and simplicity, co-piloted by the spartan and sultry aesthetic that has guided Ramsay through six albums of acclaimed electro-pop by Young... more
releases March 8, 2019

Performed by Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek with Olga Goreas.
Background vocals on “Light Conductor” by Catherine McCandless.
Recorded by Olga Goreas. Mixed by Jace Lasek. Mastered by Richard White.
All at Breakglass Studios, Montréal.

Price $17

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