Until yesterday i haven’t heard of Leila Abdul-Rauf. A twitter message from mugwumb made me curious. At first glance the cover reminded me immediately of the latest TOR LUNDVALL vinyl (and i found out later, that he did the cover for this). Tor Lundvalls “the shipyard” is one of the best ambient records of this year and this one is a beauty as well. “Cold And Cloud” works like female a centerpiece. On one side the boatman amd on the other the siren with her siren call. (very cliché i know, but this is “siren music”)
it’s all very gentle with far away vocals coming trough the fog of the lake and some distant horns. you can say, that there are a lot of other female artist doing the same thing (Julianna Barwick, Grouper, Julia Holter), but this one works as a pice of it own.

The Details

A Saadi Saati release.

Cold and Cloud is the self-produced solo debut of Leila Abdul-Rauf. A temporary escape from the worlds of her current and former projects (Vastum, Hammers of Misfortune, Saros, Amber Asylum, and more recently, Ionophore), Abdul-Rauf enters a world all of her own weaving brass and piano passages into filmic soundscapes inspired by the cold, dreary summers of San Francisco. Cold and Cloud tells an introspective story of loss from the haunting lyrical sections of tracks like "Tears in White Fluids" and "Questions", to the solemn drones of "Will I Be Sane?" and the funereal finality of "Separation". This vinyl edition also features distinctive artwork by Tor Lundvall, visually embodying the ghostly ethereal sounds that lie within.

The limited edition of 100 features a sky-blue and silver vinyl, 400 on black vinyl.

you can get it here as well.

Price $20

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