RIYL: Hiroshi Yoshimura, Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Label: Light in the Attic

Similar to their 2014 release Native North America highlighting the folk music of aboriginal Native American musicians from the sixties to the eighties, the crate-digging treasure-hunters we know as Light in the Attic Records have once again cleared the fog over a musical movement that many ears out here in the west have never heard.  Kankyō Ongaku is a collection of ambient artists who flourished during Japan’s bubble economy of the 1980s, many commissioned by corporations to soundtrack their storefronts or commercials.  What’s so fascinating about this particular ambient music scene, however, is that despite its capitalistic intentions, the music presented here remained human, vulnerable and experimental.  Twenty five tracks deep, this collection is your ‘in’ to the music scene that inspired the now-legendary Music For Nine Postcards.

LITA Records has clear vinyl copies of the collection after the ‘buy’ link.  While there’s no quantity mentioned, I doubt the limited variant lasts very long.  Keep in mind that these will not be shipping until February of 2019.




The Details

First-ever fully licensed collection of this music outside of Japan
Extensive liner notes and artist bios, including an essay by Spencer Doran
3xLP with deluxe Stoughton “tip-on” jackets, slipcase & poster
Vinyl pressed at RTI
2xCD housed in a custom 7” x 7” hardbound book
Cover photo by Osamu Murai features buildings designed by Fumihiko Maki
Product Shots by Jean-Claude Vorgeack

Online Color Vinyl Edition: Clear
Indie Retail Color Vinyl Edition: Transparent Blue

Price $65

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