RIYL: Brian Eno, Hiroshu Yoshimura

Label: Les Giants

In 2014, Rvng Intl pulled K. Leimer out of obscurity with A Period of Review, a gorgeous compilation featuring his most noteworthy ambient and synthstrumental pieces.  Inspired by Brian Eno’s ambient works in the same way that Hiroshu Yoshimura was with his essential 1982 ambient masterpiece Music For Nine Post Cards, Leimer’s 1983 album Music for Land and Water explores the same world of minimalism using faint textures, delicate synthesizers and old upright pianos to hit our nostalgia zones square in the bullseye.  The piano tone in Art and Science sounds exactly like the one my family had when I was a kid, slightly off-key in the best way.  I could listen to music like this for days on end and not get tired of it.

This much-needed reissue marks the first time the album has been issued on vinyl.  Only 200 copies were made, so it’s doubtful they’ll be around for long.  The ‘buy’ button links you to Light in the Attic’s site as they act as a domestic distro for cool international releases like these.  For all UK readers, Les Giants has copies for sale on their website HERE.  This marks their very first vinyl release, so props to them for such a fantastic genesis in the world of vinyl.

The Details

First time on vinyl
Limited to 200 copies
Silk-screened covers
Insert w/ liner notes from K. Leimer

Additional Images

Price $30

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