RIYL: Geotic, Gaussian Curve, Visible Cloaks

Label: Western Vinyl

Why do good people suffer?  Why are we naturally so imperfect?  Toronto saxophonist and composer Joseph Shabason doesn’t know the answers to the tough questions.  His thoughts are woven into the sublime calm of his music.  Anne is a tonal essay on degenerative illness, specifically about Shabason’s mother (from whom the album takes its name) who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.  Weaving delicate synth loops and his rich saxophone timbre with audio interviews of his mother, Shabason creates a white flag of humility and vulnerability towards a truly devastating hardship where there are no answers.

First available track Forest Run is a perfect example of how Shabason can articulate so much with so little.  I hear similarities in the synth loops with Will Wiesenfeld’s Geotic project.  Heartbreaking and inspirational simultaneously, Anne is comforting in the reminder that we aren’t in control.

Western Vinyl has a beautiful limited pressing of the album on ‘whale blue’ vinyl.  Listen to Forest Run below and pick up the vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.


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