Statesiders and expats who celebrated Thanksgiving, welcome back from those feasts. Everybody else, welcome to Friday. The weekend’s around the corner and what better way to cool off from the week than to put on some dubbed out drone. Jon Porras’ Light Divide sounds like your dreams submerged within an ocean – in other words, it’s some of the most iced down, relaxing music you’ll come across this year. Light Divide will put you in a state of nirvana. Porras takes cues from the likes of Biosphere, Stars of the Lid, dub techno at large and Gas, so if you’re onboard with any of the aforementioned Light Divide is definitely for your ears. Light Divide balances between darkness and, well, the light. Porras has found the twilight between the surreal and the real. Yeah, my pseudo-lofty language probably isn’t doing this much justice. It’d be better if you just check out the Spotify stream of this below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Jon Porras creates drone music with a refined sense of atmosphere and remarkable forward motion. Regardless of the tools he uses, be it guitars and stacks of amplifiers or modular synthesizers, Porras creates cavernous sound-worlds that are as inviting as they are alien. Light Divide, his second solo release for Thrill Jockey, shows Porras shifting his focus entirely to electronic synthesis, using a wide array of analog and digital systems to exponentially expand his sonic palate. The resulting sounds are silhouettes of distant rhythms, abstracted traces of techno wastelands that come in and out of focus like an urban, post-industrial sprawl being overtaken by fog.

Porras constructed and arranged the tracks on Light Divide as an architect would design a building, thinking of the sub-bass as a foundation, percussion as walls and support beams, and white noise and oblique melodies as the light filling the open spaces. Rather than writing passages or song structures, he focused on designing sounds from the ground up, building gestural movements with these sculpted slabs. Through this technique, patterns and musical phrases emerge in subtle and surprising ways. This theme of architecture and design is reflected in the album cover, which was taken at Maison La Roche, a villa designed and built by Le Corbusier.

Light Divide reveals Porras as a restless explorer, constantly finding new means by which to create expansive, impressionistic music. It demands close listening, and stands apart in Porras’ solo and Barn Owl discography for its intense attention to detail.

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